Company Profile

Registered under the permission of Canadian Federal Government and Ontario Government, ELO TOURS O/A 2237969 ONTARIO INC. is a professional tourism company, certified by the Travel Industry Council of Ontario . ELO TOURS has been providing professional services of ticket booking, hotel reservation, and car rental.
Located in Toronto, ELO TOURS has established cooperative relationship with local tour companies in cities, such as Motreal, Calgary, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Orlando, Miami, Los Angelos, San Fransisco, Mexico City and Saint Paul, etc.ELO TOURS formed a motorcade in Toronto oriented to business tour, with various types of tourist buses, including 7 seats, 11 seats, 12 seats, 15 seats, 25 seats, 37 seats and 56 seats model.

ELO has fostered excellent relationship with Canadian government departments at all levels, as well as educational and business institutions, establishing a bridge of friendship between China and Canada, specialized in business cooperation as well as cultural exchange. We have rich experience on receiving government and business delegations of all levels. Our clients include Shenzhen government delegation to North America recruitment, Chinese judges’ delegation. ELO also provides training services for University of Toronto and York University for law, prosecution, environmental protection, etc. ELO has developed closed relationship with travel and foreign affairs institutions in over 20 Chinese provinces, received over 6000 business and tourism groups of different types, and arranged invitation letters for over 4000 related industries and government institutions.

1. Tourist reception, plane ticket booking, hotel reservation, car rental, tour guide, etc.
2. Arranging Service and Business Visa (Canada, American, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Cuba, etc.) invitation letters for Chinese clients, as well as related activities.
3. Designing short term training and business visiting, through the collaboration with universities such as University of Toronto, York University and University of British Colombia.
4. Planning and providing conference reception services.
5. Customizing business visiting route to the need for business clients.
6. Providing local reception in Canada, America, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Cuba, for Chinese peers.